Leslla 2018 - 14th Symposium, Palermo, 4-6/10/2018 @ Itastra Unipa Italiano per Stranieri, Palermo [dal 4 su 6 ottobre]

Leslla 2018 - 14th Symposium, Palermo, 4-6/10/2018

4 - 6
09:00 - 19:00

 Pagina di evento
Itastra Unipa Italiano per Stranieri
Piazza Sant'Antonino 1, 90134 Palermo, Italy

14th Annual Symposium on Literacy Education and Second Language Learning for Adults People, languages and literacy in new migration. Research, Practice, and Policy

Palermo, Italy, October 4-6, 2018


Call for presentations

Literacy Education and Second Language Learning for Adults (LESLLA) is an international forum of researchers who share an interest in research on the development of second language skills by adult immigrants with little or no schooling prior to entering the country of entry. The goal of LESLLA is to share empirical research and information to help, inform and guide further research on second language acquisition for the low-educated adult population. This re...search in turn will provide guidance to education policy development in all those countries in which immigrants settle and most need educational support.

Confirmed invited speakers:

− Jean-Claude Beacco (Université Sorbonne nouvelle Paris 3)
− Theo Marinis (University of Reading)
− Martha Young-Scholten (Newcastle University)
− Massimiliano Spotti (Tilburg University)
We welcome papers for the 14th annual conference to be held in Palermo on October 4-6, 2018. Suggested
topics may include but are not limited to:
• Second language acquisition (with a focus on low literate adults)
• Training for volunteers providing language and literacy support
• Teaching tools for unaccompanied minors
• Refugees and asylum seekers segregation in hosting contexts and language acquisition
• First languages and L2 literacy
• Testing literacy levels
• School policies for low literate migrants
• Youth literacy
• European policies for young and adult low literate migrants
• Human rights and advocacy
• Professional development and teacher education
• Language and literacy for resilience

Call for papers at: leslla2018.it/CallE.pdf
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